Hey y’all, 
Since my pen hit the first page of a journal at the age of 11, I’ve been stuck on writing. Sometime in undergrad right before rededicating my life back to Christ, I became a part of the blogging community. Originally, I wrote whatever crossed my busy mind on Tumblr, then sometime between realizing people were actually reading my content and needing more structure, I decided to purchase my own domain name titled "msyenckopowa.com". Since then, the blog grew and the vision grew even bigger-- thus birthed msyencko.com. MsYencko is more than a blog, consider it a site for all things pertaining to the Christian lifestyle, my knack for wanderlustin' and the straight truth-- no chaser. 

I am a twentysomething young woman from Dallas, Texas. I love coffee, tea and I'm a hopeful romantic-- I digress (I can't help but tell you all the truth).  I’ve spent the last 6 years completing my education in New York, and in-between these two states, I’ve also spent frequent time in the Chicagoland area. Needless to say, I am always moving and traveling, which has always inspired my writing. You’ll find honest thoughts, transparent words and life expressions on this site. I will always keep it 100, and do my best to bring you what is on my heart.

Aside from my writing bug, I also have a deep passion for sharing God's word through teaching and particularly find myself speaking to teenagers, college students and young adults. Without realizing I was doing it, a ministry was birthed and the itch to keep teaching the word of God in simplified and exciting ways, has become my life calling. So you'll find an option for finding out how to contact me if you'd like for me to join wherever you are! 

Overall, I love God, love people and vow to live a bold, shameless and fulfilling life. I hope you enjoy what you read. Please comment, share and email me at msyencko@gmail.com-- I'd love to get to know you!

Grace, Peace and Love,