Sorry I'm Not Sorry

I launched this new site back in September, and had all the intentions to start going full force. Weekly posts, awesome visual content and tons of podcasts for your audio enjoyment. But alas, real life happened. And if I’ve learned anything in 2015, it’s that when God calls for my full UNDIVIDED attention, I better give it to Him and be completely obedient. So I deleted all my social media apps, stopped replying to text messages and buried my head (and heart) in the assignment God had for me.

See, the old me, would have wrote a long post apologizing me for my unannounced hiatus, or at least I would have been courteous enough to tell you all I was going on a hiatus. But this time, I didn’t feel like I owe anyone an explanation of wanting to keep myself sane and obedient to the will of God. (Gosh, who am I becoming?) Seriously, somedays I do not recognize this woman I am becoming, but I love her. Something about living unapologetically gives me the freedom to be all that I am called to be. I remember being that girl that constantly questioned every step because the daunting voice of others plagued me. Now, I am more concerned about living out the will of God for my life and being the best version of me along the way. So, I’m sorry I’m not sorry—because not being sorry is the only thing I’ll apologize for. I’ve learned that in this social media saturated world, we no longer value the sanctity of privacy. I read the other day that “time to think is the most expensive commodity of today.” I don’t know what broke my heart more—the fact that thinking has a price tag or that we don’t care that thinking has a price tag. Either way you look at it, silence, and true uninterrupted time is so scarce that taking time off social media automatically makes you look like you no longer exist.

I implore you to begin an exercise I did sometime this summer, take a break from your phone for 12 hours. Just shut it off. Set an old school alarm to wake you up—if you don’t own one, Ikea has them for $5. Don’t even check your email. Just unplug—I promise you that what “it” is, IT can wait.

But before you all think that I am completely negligent, just know that I took a sabbatical of some sort--- and yes, I am back for the mean time! Stay tuned, more to come.