Book of the Month~ The Sacred Search

FINALLY, the cold weather has decided to visit us in the Dallas Ft. Worth area-- cue the fireplace and warm hot cocoa. I love this time of year! If you’re anything like me, I appreciate the cold temperatures, because it gives me an excuse to stay indoors and tackle my long list of books I’ve been meaning to finish.

My current book of the month is “the Sacred Search” by Gary Thomas. A friend of mine recommended this book to me last winter, and after flipping through it over the last year, I finally knuckled down to finish reading it.

I’m not going to lie, after reading “When God Writes Your Love Story” by Eric and Leslie Ludy, I had few expectations for this one, because WGWYLS, literally changed my entire approach to dating/courtship.

But the Sacred Search, addresses issues the former book did not even get to. I love the question on the cover “What if it’s not about who you marry, but why?” That question alone is enough to start a much needed conversation when it comes to dating and marriage.

Here are my 15 Takeaways from this book:

1.    A good marriage is the closest two people will ever come to heaven this side of eternity

2.    Physical appearance is the thing that is most likely to change in a person’s life—if you take away physical attraction, what does your relationship have?

3.    Infatuation impedes your ability to objectively discern your partner’s faults and weakness

4.    Don’t date in isolation, you’ll need the guidance of friends, family and pastoral support to avoid ignoring indefensible behavior

5.    Find a man who has solid character, who is growing in the Lord and pursuing godliness

6.    The way someone chooses to get married is a good indicator of the work they’ll put in after the wedding takes place in order to make the marriage grow

7.    Your marital status does not define you

8.    God controls your happiness, not your significant other

9.    Infatuation fills your eyes with what you’re getting, but the bible will fill your mind with what you’re committing to give

10.  Character matters—you want someone who’s character can weather major life challenges

11.  A good marriage isn’t something you find, it’s something you make

12.  Don’t let an unhealthy pattern from the past dictate your choice in the future

13.  You actually need to enjoy being with your significant other—share hobbies, interests and take time to be interested in what your spouse enjoys

14.  Seeking first the kingdom of God keeps the union exciting and purpose-driven

15.  Marriage doesn’t solve emptiness, it exposes it, so marry someone who has a solid core

If your single, like myself—or seriously dating/courting, engaged or even married—this book will provide you with a perspective that is biblically sound and challenges you at your core. I loved it! And my favorite part were the discussion points/questions at the end of each chapter. It helped me reflect and has changed my perspective for the better.

So here’s my December book of the month! Purchase it right here on Amazon, call your homies and read it together—you won’t regret it!


To be honest, I just needed an excuse to photograph the Christmas tree, I couldn’t help it! lol

To be honest, I just needed an excuse to photograph the Christmas tree, I couldn’t help it! lol