Tea Obsessed

In case you did not know, I am obsessed with Tea/coffee. I actually think my obsession with tea may be a bit more than coffee, either way, I've decided to start showcasing my obsession here on le blog. I'm calling it "MsYencko's Tea of the Week". Thankfully my homie, texted me this morning and told me it is International Tea Day! **insert dancing brown skinned girl in red dress emoji**

I'm taking full advantage of this day by not only drinking excessive amounts of tea-- as if I don't already-- but also, letting you all know, that you can be on the lookout for my teas of the week. I'll try and do this at least twice a month. The goal is to showcase a new tea each week, but I am learning to start with small achievable goals, rather than setting goals that are unrealistic and burdensome. 

Now to start things off, I'll introduce one of my go-to boxed teas...

Click the photo to purchase this tea! 

Click the photo to purchase this tea! 

One of my favorite places to get unique and gourmet boxed teas, is from Marshall's/Home Goods. Tucked away near the pots, pans and linens are usually a few aisles filled with gourmet goodies. I love how you can never find the same things in each store branch. That's where this particular tea was purchased. Ginger is always a great idea to improve digestion and settle any bubbleguts. After dinner, this is definitely a go-to.

Next up is a loose leaf tea flavor from the London Tea Exchange. If I remember correctly, I purchased this at a market in London. This flavor is "Sencha with Gogi Berries". It has fruity undertones but is a smoother taste than most fruity teas. 

Click the photo to purchase this tea! 

Click the photo to purchase this tea! 

If you all like this whole tea of the week deal, let me know via my social media accounts or feel free to comment directly below! I'll be sure to talk more about how I prepare my tea, shelf life, etc. 

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with scripture I spent all of last week meditating on...

For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.
— Philippians 2:13, New Living Translation

Grace & Peace,