Necessary Roughness

I find myself in an interesting season at the moment. Of course, I have to be completely transparent on here, and I must confess that I am in the middle of restituting a season of disobedience. Before, I leap into self-condemnation, let me be the first to admit that I do not have it all together. In fact, I find that the more I desire to grow in the Lord, the bigger the challenges and the more faith is required. So when I decided to take my life into my own hands, and grew impatient, it led to feeling empty, stressed out and unfulfilled. 

Have you ever been there? When you grew tired of waiting on God to act so you simply took matters into your own hands? Yeah... I'd love to say that I've figured out this whole waiting on God thing, but I'm still learning. 

To all my photographer friends, please don't crucify me for the looking down pose..just had to do it one time. 

I titled this post "Necessary Roughness", because I feel there's a level of roughness-- strife, mistake-making -- that God can use to help us stay in His will. To keep it simple, sometimes our decisions to do things our own way, will in turn lead to God allowing us to learn things the hard way. 

“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.”- Proverbs 16:9

When I tell you, I've read the above scripture several times, it's an understatement. Time after time, I come across the truth that though my plans are valid, I cannot measure up to the steps that God has the ability to establish in my life. His magnificent orchestration of time, seasons, relationships, failures, successes and all the itty bitty hiccups in between all have a tailored sequence that make up our stories. So then why the tug of war with God? Why do we insist on planning and executing our own course? What is it that makes us so short sighted that we often overlook the simple allowance of letting God establish our steps?

My answer? It's unpopular, makes no sense, often seems backward and no one else is doing it.

I am pretty convinced that when we are marked for greatness, getting off track will involve a serious fight for us in the spiritual. When Jesus died on the cross, the fight did not just occur on a symbolic physical level, but on a spiritual level. Jesus contended with the enemy for our souls. Who would go to such levels to fight for someone if they were not extremely valuable?

When there is an urge to walk the unbeaten path, follow commands that do not make sense and obey in a way that goes against our own plans despite the norm... we just have to do it. Let us stop contending with the very ONE who sees the Omega of our situation in the midst of our process. God loves you way too much to let you live a life of secondary fulfillment. His method is sometimes rough, but it is necessary. 

Grace & Peace, 

MsYencko <3

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