With only a few more days until the best month of the year begins---ehemm, I hear amazing people were born in February ( **Insert dancing brown girl in red dress**), I figured I'd share such an awesome campaign that I've noticed on all of my social media feeds since the beginning of 2016. 

Essence has always found unique ways to celebrate black women, but it wasn't until recently when I snagged the February issue of Essence from my mail box, that I appreciated Essence more than ever. Splashed across the cover reads "Black Girl Magic".

Over the following days, I started to see many black women post photos of themeselves and share their stories of ageless beauty, resilence, and success. I'm not going to lie, but I become stirred to tears when I think about those posts. Being a black woman in the United States is no small feat. As a double minority, there are so many odds stacked against us. From being hypersexualized to being labeled as "welfare" queens, black women have faced hardships that have attacked our identies to the core.

Even as a Nigerian-American black woman, I was never excluded from the racisim and sexisim that black women in America have faced. It was not easy to go perdominatly white schools and have to represent not only your gender, but your race.

But thankfully, we now live in an age where black women have defined the odds and have inked their names in history. We now dominate TV shows, hold high political offices and are preaching/spreading the Gospel to a dying generation. We may not be where we are supposed to be, be thankfully we are not where we used to be.

I am proud of my skin, femininity and grateful to God that I came into this world caramel colored with thick hair and curves. I feel blessed to have ageless beauty and a fiery tongue that can capture an entire room. Today, I am grateful to God to have Black Girl Magic and a whole lot more. 

Signed, A Woman who loves the skin she's in <3