BOTM~ The One: An Amazing Love Story Starts With You

Happy new year again folks! Here goes the first selection of 2016, and our January read of the month. In line with one of the goals I shared for 2016, I'm currently reading this fantastic selection from Ryan and Amanda Leak. In case you missed their viral love story, here's a link to the YouTube video that made me sob woefully on my couch when I watched it a few years ago. (I may or may have not watched a few more times after that day and shed even more tears). 

Anywho, the Leaks are currently young adult pastors at Covenant Church in the DFW area and took their amazing love story nationally after getting so much success on YouTube. Not to spoil the book or video for you too much, but Ryan kinda sorta surprised his then girlfriend by proposing and marrying her on the same day. As in, home girl had no clue she was getting married until the day of. He brilliantly used Pinterest, her close friends/family and the art of listening to masterfully plan her dream wedding without her knowing. I know, I know, does he have a brother?  

Well before we start making ridiculous demands of making sure Mr.Right does the same thing, go ahead and read their book. They not only share their amazing love story, but they share very insightful nuggets about singleness and preparation. If I'm not mistaken, they've been married now for 3 years and been together for about 8 years so they have quite a bit of wisdom under their belt.  

If you're sick of reading books on dating/singleness/ marriage that were written by someone who was already married a decade before you were born (those authors have their place), I encourage you to pick up "The One". 

Quick Specs: 

  • sold in hardcover  
  • $15 on Amazon  
  • ~209 breezy pages including the intro & afterward  
  • reads very conversational and relaxed
  • includes a question to ask yourself and also a prayer point after every chapter

Happy Reading,