Why We All Need to Fall in FORMATION

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If you know me well, you'll know I've never been a big Beyonce fan. In fact, I don't care much for major artists, neither do I align to their belief systems and sometimes destructive behavior. But every once in a while, we cannot deny that these artists have a way of digging deep and creating content that strikes a cord in each of us. Whether Christian, Muslim or atheist there are some songs or albums (i.e. Kendrick Lamar's "To Pimp A Butterfly") that speak to our humanity and give us a necessary voice. 

I've spoken before on my blog about some of the hurdles I've faced being a person of color and even being a woman of color in the United States. Sometimes, I get so hesitant when I press on these issues because I feel that the country that we live in can sometimes do us a disservice by ignoring that our history of oppression does not exist. The United States was built on the principles of the Gospel, but the wickedness of man distorted the vision by degrading the lives of African Americans. Flash forward to the last 5 years in particular, our country has yet again seen that these issues we keep burying have a way of always rising back up to the surface.

The most POWERFUL scene--- I mean she was sitting on the police car, which was supposed to be protecting her yet she's in the middle of the flood, and the same police that is supposed to protect her, causes her to sink--- I can't yall, too much thought went into this. 

When we do not actively deal with the issues of racism, black mis-identity and color-blinding, we continue to bury the brokeness even deeper and deeper. 

So when B released Formation, I was skeptical at first-- you all have to remember, I don't follow the hype of the Beyhive like that. Then I watched it once, twice and the third time-- I have to admit I was BLOWN away. The imagery, symbolism, message-- it is all so timely. In the midst of black history month, the day before she performs before the entire country, in the last few months of our first black president-- B managed to summarize it all in less than 5 minutes. 

I don't know about you all but I am challenged by what she's done. We have the same opportunity to wake up and live a life that will beckon the attention of millions. Wether we like it or not, we sat with our families, friends and even strangers and witnessed a clear message that ruffled more than a couple of feathers. 

I am challenged because, I harbor a message that will heal our broken country and that message is Christ. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is undiluted, pure, loving, gracious and EXACTLY the remedy for our ill land. Gone are the days of crusades and gatherings that are solely for intercession. I am looking for the move of God that will penetrate the message of the Gospel back into the conference rooms of lawmakers and that will rehabilitate the addiction-prone society we live in. 

B may not have preached an ounce of the gospel, but one thing she did remind me, is that in order to get a message out-- THE MESSAGE out, you'll have to be blunt, fearless and persevering. I'm in formation--- are you?

Grace & Peace,