In lue of it being the first day of Spring, I figured I'd share what's on my heart...

I finally took some time out this weekend to enjoy this gorgeous weather with my sisters. Over the last few weeks, I've been quite bogged down with getting used to full time work and church-related responsibilities. I practically wake up latest 7am, 7 days a week-- and it's hit me that adulting has officially commenced. 

I'm never one to complain about having a busy schedule, so I knew when I started complaining to my SO, something wasn't right. Then God, specifically pressed this scripture in my heart:

Here I am finally doing what I love, but feeling so stressed out and tired, because again, I had made myself into a superwoman. I was giving my all at work and exhausting my mind to the limit. No wonder, when God impressed Matthew 19:26 in my heart, it was a wake up call and "come to Jesus" moment that my heart was aching for. 

I believe that God was showing me that I need to slow down, and recommit every aspect of my busy life under His control. I found that without God's full conducting skills, striking a balance is pretty much IMPOSSIBLE. 

In fact, when we are out of balance, we often become out of tune with the voice of the Holy Spirit. Without that inner voice, compassing our every move, we can quickly shut down. 

I even find that finding time to slow down becomes a task in and of itself! I found myself thinking "I cant slow down". Knowing good and darn well that if I don't slow down, how will God conduct my life? How can I hear His Spirit speak to me

So here is a reminder to all of us (including myself) who put our capes underneath our respective uniforms every day-- Balance cannot be accomplished alone-- it's virtually impossible to achieve mental, emotional and spiritual balance in order to be effective in our multiple roles without God. 

The creator of the universe is looking for individuals who admit they need God's orchestration even before beginning the week. Just placing it in His hands with prayer and slowing down the pace-- letting go of the pressure we place on ourselves to be perfect. 

I finally feel like myself again, as I took time to explore a new part of my home city, and bumped into this delicious restaurant.

Restaurant Deets: Peacon Lodge (Located in Deep Ellum, Dallas, TX)

Here's a reminder to us all this spring, to spring forward with a new attitude-- one that submits and casts all of our cares to God. One that, finds the balance we so much need so that we can be all that we are meant to be. 

What I'm Wearing: Blouse-Ann Taylor Loft, Jacket-JustFab, Jeans-Celebrity Jeans, Shoes-ASOS, Bag-H&M, Necklace-H&M, Sunnies- Francescas 

Spring Forward,