Frustration. Hurt. Confusion. Muddled feelings and thoughts. Pain. Discouragement. Deceit.

These words are my lemons, the sour and tough lemons that I know, we all get hurled our way. Those unexpected lemons that become ripe when the season is just right. Those lemons that drop in to our laps and have an all too familiar sharp taste. 

It is no mistake that God allows certain circumstances to teach us tough lessons that are necessary for us to take on our way to fulfilling our God-ordained destines. 
Some of us were born with lemons already present in the form of broken families, absent fathers and callused parents. Without a doubt, we were not all born with a silver spoon, and even those born with a silver spoon have their own lemons. 

If you’ve been abused, you have lemons. 
If you’ve been cheated on, you have lemons. 
If you’ve been neglected, you have lemons. 
If you are a woman of color in a predominantly white college, you have lemons.
If you are lonely, you have lemons. 
If you are a black male in the United States, you have lemons. 
If you are broke, you have lemons. 
If you have no where to call home, you have lemons. 


No matter where your lemons came from, or are still coming from, there is an incredible potential laced within the bitterness of this fruit. There is a considerable amount of healing and freedom that we can find in using these unexpected lemons. 

What good is a ripe lemon if it is left alone to spoil and waste away?

Instead, take this bitterness that God has allowed your lips to taste and make sweet lemonade. 
Find strength from your abused past and use your story to lend healing into the hearts of others. If you were given the lemons of infidelity or a broken heart, make your lemonade and find security in Christ. If you are financial starved, know that the lemons of poverty are teaching you how to thrive—for if you are faithful with little, you’ll surely be faithful with plenty. 

Outfit details: Dress- ASOS, Shoes- JustFab, Earrings & Bracelet- H&M/gifted....Baseball bat-funny store here, I went to several stores, and this is the largest one I could find! 

No matter how many lemons are sitting in your lap, you have this irrevocable ability to make lemonade. So squeeze those lemons, strain the pulp of pain, sweeten the mixture and gleefully enjoy your lemonade. This lemonade will quench your thirst when the heat of life comes and refresh you in the coolness of the dark hours in your life. 
God is shaking your lemon tree, what will you do with your lemons?

Busy making Lemonade,