Why we are all OBSESSED with the Currys

I rarely enthrall myself with celebrity fandom or seldom give much attention to famous couples in the spotlight. But if you have paid any attention to my previous post or general conversations, you'll know I'm on the verge of making the Currys an exception. I really don't know where to start-- is it their cute love story of them meeting in youth group? Or is it the way they shamelessly proclaim Christ? No matter where your allegiance for fandom lies, I think we all have a common list of reasons the Currys are our relationship goals. 


  1. They value family 
    • I once heard that family are the friends God gave you, the ones you didn't choose but you need. This is so accurate-- I'll be the first to admit that not every family is perfect. Some of us cringe at the thought of attending family gatherings and are so ashamed to align ourselves with a particular bloodline. The hurt of pain and neglect has led to a seed of bitterness in the hearts of many. BUT despite all this, I still feel that we have a biblical obligation to place a priceless value on our families. Now I'm not for placing unrealistic expectations or providing an anecdote to personal familial issues. Instead I'm suggesting that we can learn that family is worth investing in, spending time with and loving without expecting anything in return. I completely adore seeing Ayesha and Steph raise their own children and even gave the world a preview of Riley's vivacious personality by letting us know that " wayyyy up (she) feels blessed". Even witnessing how they bring along their own parents, cousins and siblings to be a natural part of their journey is beautiful to see. 


2. They married the biblical way 

  • Unless you're sleeping under a rock, you'll have to admit that the Currys make marriage look pretty darn fun. Even during the busy basketball season, evidence of their date nights and efforts to support his games show just a sliver of making time to intentionally build their marriage. Marrying young, keeping Christ at the center and being the best of friends seems like the ideal recipe for any 20something seeking marital bliss. If you're like me, I desire a Songs of Solomon marriage, intertwined with love, passion,laughter and is endearing. If you take the time to read Songs of solomon chapter 4, you'll find that amist Solomon drooling over his wife's physical features there is a true sacrificial and deep love for one an other. In the society we live in now, it's hard to come by that kind of love without first having a committed relationship with Christ.

3. She still cooks 

  • Call me old school, but us ladies can learn a thing or two from Ayesha's passion for cooking. Though I admit that my thoughts here are biased because I love cooking and may or may have not already preordered her cook book... But the old saying goes " a way to a man's heart is through his stomach" still holds true. Food is symbolic and even in the bible, food often represented community-- a common ground in which family, friends, Jews and Gentiles would sit and eat. Food has such a powerful role to play despite its nutritional value, it says something for a woman to perform the labor required to prepare a delicious meal to satisfy her family. So to all the self-proclaimed Proverbs 31 ladies out there who still consider "cooking for bae" as making PB&J sandwiches... I'm gonna just sit here, sip this here tea and keep on writing.

4. They seem individually fulfilled 

  • In lue with Ayesha's cooking, I really enjoying seeing her passion for cooking for her family become a career. Being the wife of a professional athlete or professional anything, for that matter is a tough call. It's easy to fall into the background and lose your own identity and or purpose. It's important that as young women, we find who we are in Christ and strike a balance between attaining personal fulfillment as well as appropriately supporting or significant others. I could imagine that seeing Ayesha fulfilled makes it a bit easier for Stephen to wholeheartedly develop his own career. My sum up here is that no matter who you decide to seriously date/court and eventually marry, there must be an allowance to pursue your own goals and find your own fulfillment.

5. They boldly love Jesus  

  • This last one is quite honestly what drew me to following Ayesha in the first place. I enjoy seeing fellow believers weave their relationship with Christ through their lives, as it should be. I find that Christianity isn't simply a box you check next to your religious affliction, but instead it's a deep heart change that when salvation happens, it permeates into every aspect of our lives. When you're really really committed to pursuing Christ, it'll be glaring and obvious. You'll find that conversations will often lead to mentioning a recent conviction, sharing a scripture here or affirming a situation with your confidence in God. It becomes a part of you because you are transformed. I don't envy their position in the spotlight, because it comes with its own level of persecution and strife. One thing I can say is that the Currys always remind me that when in the spotlight, you'll be known for something as someone...who will that person be?

Gladly cooking with the Currys, 



(All photos were taken from Ayesha Curry's Instagram account and various Pinterest boards)