My Heartache for Orlando

I am not sure how to even begin this post. These days, I seem to have more questions than answers when I watch the news. The "why's" and "what if's" make my stomach churn and my heart ache. 

Waking up last Sunday morning to hear about the mass shooting in Orlando was horrifying. A part of me was initially desensitized..."another shooting", is what I first thought... Then the death toll kept climbing and the targeted murder of Hispanic young people, in a gay club completely changed my view. The context of this massacre is horrific, and I can't help but think again about the implications of this violence. 

It is without a doubt that the United States is struggling in the area of gun violence. As a country we tend to be reactive rather than proactive. It is extremely difficult to continue to see state after state deal with this issue with such reckless autonomy. It almost seems as if no one really knows what they're doing with gun-control law.

There is a pulse of fear that exists in my heart in public areas and the thought of any unstable individual with a gun makes my heart skip.

With so much going on in the United States we can no longer hide the fact that certain things are out our control. In the United States, we are deeply in need of hope,love, peace and a wealth of solutions---really what I'm saying is we are in need of God!

We are a country that remembers to pray after a tragedy but Gods word really does encourage us to pray without ceasing. Even if you're not a Christian, without a doubt you know that there's a God or something that's really controlling what happens here on earth. God is really the one that makes the decisions of why things are the way they are---isn't it worth it to be in constant communication with whoever that is?

The solution is simple but often overlooked and seen as ineffective. We must pray. Not after a tragedy. Not in anticipation of a tragedy. But just continuously and habitually PRAY.  

- MsYencko