California Love

singing *** CALIFORNIA LUUUUHHHHVVEEE****--- ahhhh. 

As I'm writing this, I am currently having serious LA withdrawals and plotting my comeback to the west coast. If you read my halfway through 2016 post, you know that touching the west coast was on the list. Growing up, just about every show I found myself in to was set in California. From Laguna beach to 90210 and so on, I've always had a thing for this state. As I combed through my Hopper App in September, hoping to strike some luck and saw the best roundtrip flight, I quickly booked it without hesitation-- hence why my new favorite phrase is, "book a trip and just travel". I reminded myself of this goal every month and would tell my closest friends that "I'm going to LA this year", "I'll be in LA before the end of the year"-- having no clue or reason that speaking it into existence did wonders for me. 

Due to the 2-hr time difference, I had the pleasure of waking up at 3 am, which meant the I slept through the entire first leg of my flight. As I felt our descent to landing, I woke up to this incredible view... I mean God was totally flexing here. It was incredible seeing Salt Lake City, Utah in it's dawn. 

Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad; let the sea resound, and all that is in it. Let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them; let all the trees of the forest sing for joy.
— Psalms 96:11-12

Outfit Details: Earrings-H&M, Top-Boohoo, Jeggings- H&M, Wrist- Apple watch and random bracelet stack from Dillards?, Leather Jacket- Forever 21, Shoes- ASOS

I quickly learned while researching places to stay in LA how expensive everything is! After calling around and contacting several friends, I ended up finding a steal in Long Beach with Airbnb. I honestly recommend staying outside of the greater Los Angeles area. I chose a location 30 min or so from the airport that also had it's own batch of entertainment.

I'm not even going to lie, the first day I was in Cali, I slept and caught up on some much needed rest. The week prior to my trip was quite stressful at work, so it was nice to enjoy the peace and quiet. The next day, I visited family in San Diego and the spent the rest of my trip exploring the area.

As you all know by following my social media, I am a foodie. I love exploring new areas through food and this trip was no exception. To the left were the best tacos-- I mean THE BEST I've ever had, from a place called Guisado's in West Hollywood. The tortillas are hand made and the spice level is perfect. I'm literally drooling as I type this. On the right, was a not so pleasant dining experience, but I figured it was worth sharing for my adventurous eaters. This bowl was from a place called PokiNometry near Hollywood Blvd. This "Poki" bowl, is essentially all the parts of sushi in a bowl. Not gonna lie, it was nasty. I love sushi, but I've decided that I prefer it in its usual form. 

The vibes at Guisado's were A-1

Outfit details: Dress- Boohoo, Bag-River Island, Earrings- H&M, Sunglasses- "High Key" by Quay Australia X Desi Perkins

To the right is Kevin Hart's star-- had to show my favorite comedian some love!

The best part of my trip had to be my hike up Runyon Canyon. The views. The air. The people-- everything was incredible. 

The "Hollywood" sign is up to the left, y'all see it? 

It took about 2 hours to hike the Canyon, and just when you thought you'd reach a peak, there would be another turn and incline. Thankfully I had a good playlist and lots of gorgeous views to get me through.

If you decide to go the the LA area, make sure Runyon Canyon is on your list. It was definitely a challenge, but so necessary. I honestly wish I had the canyon here in Dallas, I would make a point to do it at least monthly.

Overall my trip to SoCal was one for the books, and like I noted before, I definitely will be back! As per usual, my trip inspired me in many ways. I attended church at One Church LA on Sunday and the entire service was for me. Pastor Toure spoke quite prophetically and rejuvenated my Spirit in a new way. I prayed for God to send me a Word, and He really did. The fact that I received that Word strengthened my Faith and reminded me that God is always moving in our lives, we just have to take the time to intentionally invite Him into our lives daily.

I love God. I love life and it's safely to say I love me some Cali! 

Blessings on Blessings,