MsYencko's Go-To Christmas Gift-Guide/ Favorite Things

It's the most wonderful time of the year!! 

The Christmas season has to be one of the best parts of the year for me. It's all about celebrating the birth of Jesus, spending quality time with family and giving. I love giving-- perhaps it's the joy on the face of the recipient or the creativity I get to put into any gift, either way this season allows me to go back to the heart of giving and exercise generosity.

I decided to roll out some gift ideas for everyone on your Christmas list. I am running behind on my Christmas shopping, so curating this is helping me get my life together! For all my last-minute shoppers, this ones for you! 

For Your Bae 

(Boyfriend/Girlfriend or Husband/Wife)

  • Apple Watch- I was gifted this earlier this year and it's the best gift I've gotten in years-- so useful at work, and while driving.

  • Mophie Smartphone Case- Having a dead battery when you know you're always texting bae is tragic-- help him/her out so you 2 will always be connected with a case that has a battery included. 

  • Skin Care kit- There are tons of kits out there for skincare and we often don't take advantage of these because the price tag can be a turn-off, but I've discovered that the savings are awesome. I've seen at least $70 worth of savings. Here are my faves for him/her:


  • Cologne/Perfume- Who doesn't love a great scent for the new year ahead? Since this is your bae, make sure you snag something you enjoy smelling and reflects hints of their style/personality. (Quick tip for buying scents: be sure to buy the eau de parfum since it his the highest concentration and lasts much longer. Eau de toilette and eau de cologne are much cheaper, but don't last nearly as long.)

  • A Date Night Experience- If your bae's love language is quality time, then you may want to put together a special date night outside of your typical movie nights. Groupon and Living Social always have great deals, but here are some options for you:

For Your Brother

  • Gas Card-My Brother is a college student if there is anything that any college student needs is any form of monetary support. With gas prices fluctuating all the time, this gas card will surely help him take the edge off of driving long distances.
  • A Northface Jacket- wether your brother is a college student or a working professional, a north face jacket is a keeper. My brother walks up and down his large campus and often gets home late. With temperatures being unpredictable, this will come in handy. Plus, Northface jackets last forever! Men are not into changing jackets as frequently as ladies are, so this will be a worthwhile investment.


  • Patterned Designer Dress Socks- Men can't seem to have enough socks, and often don't like having to go out and purchase new ones. It's much easier to splurge on great quality designer socks for him. If you don't want to spend too much, be sure to checkout Marshalls or Ross for more affordable designer socks.

For Your Sister

  • A Makeup Starter Kit- I see this time of year as the perfect opportunity to snag that makeup brand that your sister has had her eye on. Like I mentioned before, most beauty brands have amazing sets for prices that are a sure steal. And if your sister doesn't have much makeup? Now is a great time to get started with a set. Head over to Sephora to check out all of their amazing deals on makeup kits/sets.
  • Bra Packing Case- When I first saw this on MizzLizz Hart's Youtube video, I knew I had to snag this for myself. If your sister is an avid traveler and invests on quality bras, it's time to help her out with this solution. Not only can you fit 3-5 bras in, but also bikini bottoms/underwear.


  • A Large Tote- If your sister is in college or a working professional, she will appreciate you for this one. Large totes have been popular for a few years now, and they seem to stay consistent no matter the season. Make sure you get her a quality piece so that the thin straps don't break after a few months of use. I personally like the Zara totes. If you're willing to splurge, go for the Neverfull bag by Louis Vuitton-- I use mine religiously and haven't been able to switch bags since I got it. 

For Your Parents

  • Couples Massage- My parents are such busy people and always need a break to relax. This gift can be used any time during the coming year for when your parents need it the most. I would recommend doing your research about local massage centers and make sure you get a place that actually has experienced and licensed massage therapists. 
  • A Set of Luggage- Chances are, your parents haven't received luggage since they married! My parents are heavy travelers and need strong luggage. This Samsonite set is on sale and is a sure sturdy set your parents will be grateful for.


  • A Canvas Photo Collage- A few years ago, I discovered CanvasPop when I was still a broke college student in need of an inexpensive but sentimental present for my mom. After stumbling upon this site, I was able to upload pictures of our family from over the years and create a beautiful piece. I found tons of promo codes and utilized their 40% Christmas gifts code and got the canvas for cheap. When it arrived, I was so impressed with the quality, and my mom loved it. She still has it up in her office as we speak. Use Code: HOLIDAY40 for that 40% off deal
  • An Audible Subscription- Earlier this year, I discovered audible and was able to listen to "The Wait" by Meagan Good and DaVon Franklin. Let me tell y'all how I've been sleeping on audiobooks! If you're an avid reader but always on the go, this is for you!-- or your parents! My parents are both pastors and entrepreneurs who enjoy reading, but struggle to get through books quickly due to their hectic schedules. Getting your parents this subscription will become a life saver as they will be able to keep up with their reading list on the go. 

For Your Best (Girl)Friends

  • A Magazine subscription- Even though everything seems to be consumed digitally, I still enjoy the feel and quality of a printed magazine. I find that buying magazines are not as popular as they used to be, but if you have a friend who commutes using public transport, travels alot or enjoys creating vision boards, subscribing her to a great magazine may be for you. I've gifted this several times over the years. Some of my favorite include: Essence, Vogue, Traveler, Time and Essence-- yeah I said it twice! You can get 1 year of magazines for only $10 for an Essence Subscription.

  • The Simplified Planner by Emily Ley- I discovered Emily Ley sometime last year and immediately fell in love with her brand and quality of presentation. As I was preparing for the coming year, I went ahead and purchased the 2016 Simplified Planner-- even though I could not forgive myself for purchasing a planner for over $70, when it arrived I knew why it costed so much. The quality is A-1, and the usability is unparalleled. If you have a bff in your squad that is a master planner or has a big wedding to plan, I would encourage that you take full advantage of this one and send it her way. I've used mine religiously and bring it with me everywhere. It is the perfect personal assistant. PLUS, it's cheaper this time around, as shipping costs have lowered the overall price!


  • Concert Tickets- This one is for your girl who is all about making memories! Concert tickets are always a tough thing to splurge on for yourself, but if you decide to purchase for you and your friend, you not only get to see your favorite artist, but also get to make lasting memories.

  • A Portable Speaker- This one is for your dancer/music fanatic bff. One of my girls loves her music loud with base. So when she picked up the UE Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, and I heard that beast drop-- I knew that it had to make it to this list! I would recommend getting in on Amazon so that it can arrive before Christmas if you (or someone you know ) has Amazon Prime.

There you have it! I really enjoyed putting this together, and look forward to seeing the beaming faces of my loved ones this year as they open their gifts. 

Overall, let's never forget to live a life of genorsity giving to those who we love and know, but also finding ways to give to those who we don't know.

May Your Pockets Re-fill quickly and Your hearts be glad! 

Merry Christmas, 


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