Right About Now...What's Keeping Yencko Inspired

The month of February is easily one of my favorite months of the year. Being that it's my birthday month, Black History Month and the month of romance, I tend to always enjoy this month. I've curated what's keeping me inspired at the month, and have collated a few images from some the last few weeks. 

What I'm Watching:

It takes me FOREVER to get through shows, so I usually end up watching a series until I lose interest, and go on to the next one. Right now, I've re-started Arrow and gave season 12 of Grey's Anatomy another shot-- RIP McDreamy **sniffles**. I stumbled upon the series "Crown" on Netflix and blazed through the first season (10 episodes) in about 2 weeks **pats self on the back**. I'm kinda, sorta a history buff, especially english period dramas. Since Dowton Abbey is over, I found comfort with "Crown" which follows the begiings of Queen Elizabeth's regin and "Call the Midwife" which follows a group of midwives that serve a poor East London neighboorhood in the 1950's. 

What I'm Listening To:

Wo Worship-- like where have I been? How did I never know this group exisisted. I've been more intentional about worshipping daily, and "Your Love" (track 5) takes me all the way in. Next up, is a Christian rapper "Steven Malcolm" who shines through with collabs on tracks "Party in the Hills" and "Never Let You Go". Then mama--aunty--queen mutha CECE Winans just handed us our vocal, style, production and anointed lives in "Let them fall in love". Cece's voice is timeless, and her big band 1950's sound weaves nostalgic rythmns with heavy lyrics that pierce my spirit. Though it's hard to choose, "Run to You" speaks to me on this record. Last up, is a single by Lecrae ft. Ty Dolla $ign titled "Blessings". Yes, you read that correctly, Lecrae collaborated with Ty-- go listen to the song before you make your judgement. Defintely a record to vibe to.

Sermons that Have me Shook.

I'm not really sure where to begin with these 2 messages **insert weeping faces here**. These messages have poured life into me and delivered such a timely word in to my spirit. JUST GO LISTEN. Then comment, and talk to me.

APPS of the Moment (all $free.99)

  • Mezi App: This is such a a unique find! Imagine having a personal assistant for all of your concierge, shopping and travelling needs. You can make flight reservations as well as dinner reservations wherever you are. You simply text Mezi what you need, and the app replies as if you are chatting with a friend and answers your request.
  • 5 Miles: My Macbook Air decided to give up on me-- and could no longer handle the processing demand I was placing on it. I used 5 miles to post the computer and was able to sell it off within a week. 5 miles is like ebay but local-- and much safer than Craigslist
  • Couple App: Being that I'm in a LDR, this app was such a great find. It's like a private social media app for you and bae. You can upload photos, write notes, share what songs you're listening to and even thumbkiss- which is easily my favorite feature.

What My Tastebuds are feelin'

I'm not sure what to make of my taste buds right now-- I've craving carbonated water, water crackers, Ferrero Rocher and nuts. I know weird--please laugh, and no, I'm not pregnant. I'll vouch for these Trek Mix snack sized portions from Trader Joe's that keep it easy for me to stay on top of portion control and curb the hunger struggle.

Recent Purchases/Must Haves

Y'ALL. Yencko hasn't bought a thing! I'm working too hard on my savings right now and have limited my shopping sprees-- I can't help but admit how hard it is, but knowing that my finances are in order is certainly helping me stick it out. 

Social Media Feed In Review...and some extra's just for y'all

I hope you've enjoyed my "Right About Now"...It felt great combing through all of current inspirations... If y'all like these, let your girl know by commenting below!

Until Next Time-- Grace & Peace,