Expressions of Destiny in Progress-- It is FINISHED!

This is such an exciting time in my life, as I step into the role of an author! The book was launched last month, and since then, it's created some opportunities that I am grateful for.

I took some time to stroll into Emporium Pies, in Deep Ellum (Dallas, TX), a few weeks back and consumed all the bad calories that day. I had the "Lord of the Pies" which was a caramelized take on apple pie with flaky crusty and crunchy apples-- LAWD!

Ok enough about the pie, and back to the book! I wrote this book through seasons in my life where I found peace, direction and purpose through reading the bible. As I used God's word to help me learn more about myself and purpose, I felt like my experience needed to be shared. I went to school with plenty of people who never went to church or had a Christian upbringing like I did.

I learned quickly from those individuals that the experience of Christianity needed to be reintroduced and a church building would not be the solution to their problems. Rather, simplifying God's Word would start a fire in their hearts and resolve brokeness. The church, could instead be an adjunct, but that personal understanding and conviction needed to be there.

During a time of prayer and quietness before God in 2015, I felt this instruction to create this devotional. Not sure of how it would actually come together, I followed that voice and began to write. I wrote, complied, edited, prayed, doubted, wrote some more, abandoned it and came back to this project. After 2 years of prepartion, it's finally here. 

In the course of 21 days, I've challenged readers to take on the bible differently. Instead of just looking at the Bible as a whole and being intimidated by its magnitude, I encourage a simple take. Each day has an accompanying page with 3 questions and lines to reflect. I wanted to create something that I felt people could actually actively use and keep as a way to reference their journey. I also realized that in 21 days, habits can not only be created but also maintained. 

You'll find that each day the devotional is short and straight to the point. I provided no fuss entry into grasping the Bible. Read it before you start your day, on the train to work, at lunch, in between classes, during your afternoon pick-me-up or even to unwind after a long day. This gender neutral book can also be gifted to a recent graduate who is scrambling for spiritual guidance or a busy working professional who feels burdened by never ending responsibility.

In these pages, my hope is that you find that missing piece that you've been looking for on your journey towards purpose. I hope you find that the individuals in the Bible, are just as human as you are and that God does not want your "perfection"-- He just wants you as you are.

** Leave a message below, if you'd like the details on the bag pictured**

** Leave a message below, if you'd like the details on the bag pictured**

I would like to offically thank my amazing team of designers, editors and publisher for trusting my vision. I belive that God used each person to see things as He desired this book to be. 

Lastly-- but not leastly (is that even a word?!), I'd like to thank God for my amazing village! My parents have cheered me on from day 1 and believed in me despite how much of a perfectionist I became towards this project. My amazing brother who serves as my constant inspiration. Our age gap of 5 years, constantly gives me insight on the coming generation which keeps me passionate to create, mentor and equip those younger than I. I'd like to also thank my love, who is an amazing source of encouragement, and constantly reminds me that I can be more, do more and I am worth more-- thank you boo! And to my besties-- my girlfriends and my sisters, the Lord knew what He was doing when He sent y'all into my life. I am honored to call you friend and sister.

Thank you to everyone for your support, consider this book the first of many (in Jesus name!). Please purchase the book here and do not hesitate to email, message or comment your feedback!

Love, Grace and Peace,

Yencko <3


Photos taken by Afritina Marie