Hello From The Other Side

Outfit details: Chevron shirt-H&M, Shabby vest-Urban Outfitters, Split Hem "Leather" skirt-Cotton On, Black silver buckle boots-JustFab, Black clutch-Gifted?

Outfit details: Chevron shirt-H&M, Shabby vest-Urban Outfitters, Split Hem "Leather" skirt-Cotton On, Black silver buckle boots-JustFab, Black clutch-Gifted?

Hello and welcome to 2016!  

I don't know about y'all, but this Holiday season was festive and party packed. Starting at thanksgiving, my family I managed to host about 3 parties at home and that's aside from the numerous church related programs. To say the least, it was a fun and blessed period. Now that it's all over, I am so happy to be in a new year. I know we are all tired of hearing "New Year, new me", but I must admit that the start of a new year always jolts me to begin on a blank slate and get reinspired. 

2015 was filled with many tests, trails and didn't go any way that I planned it to. In fact, I probably accomplished 30% of my goals and ended up unintentionally picking up a few pounds rather than losing any **insert covered eyes monkey emoji**. Nonetheless, I am super greatful for what has been an excellent turn of events in 2015. 

One thing I'd like to propose to do in 2016, is to stretch yourself like never before. Set goals that scare you and make sure you let people you can trust know what your goals are so that you can be accountable. I encourage you to sit with God in prayer and figure out what things He wants you to focus on this year, rather than writing up a bunch of small, safe and irrelevant goals that mean nothing to your destiny. This year I have made up my mind to think outside the box and live outside of my comfort zone. Is it easy? No. Is it cheap? Heck no. But, is it worth it? HECK YES.  

I literally want to use my life to change the world, and though it may not happen in one year, I plan on doing things that will set me up to accomplish my "big picture" goal. 

Dont play it safe this year, push yourself and surround yourself with people who will not allow you to live in mediocrity. It will feel weird and uncomfortable but you will make a change. Before I keep rambling on, here are a few of my goals in 2016. Obviously, not all of them are listed but here we go:  

  1. Travel More~ I may have written this goal consecutively for about 2-3 years and discovered that it wasn't yet the season for me to travel like crazy. Though I spent many years city hopping because of graduate school, I never really traveled for personal growth until last summer. Now, I'm hooked and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. So in 2016, I am pushing myself to travel every other month and to visit at least 2 international destinations. Which will total up to 6-8 destinations. I believe in God and have a lot of faith that I can accomplish this. 
  2. Save & Invest~ honest confession: I like nice things and find it hard to save large quantities because I tend to give a lot. I found that over the last few years I never really had savings because I didn't have a steady income (student life). Last year on the other hand, I had the opportunity to save but always found myself giving so much to others. So this year I've got to get more organIzed when it comes to giving. No more spending money off the whim. Plan, save and invest. And I've recently downloaded this free investment app called "Stash" that my friend and I are trying out. I started off with a small investment and will let you all know my experience in a few months!  
  3. Spiritual strength~ wether I set a goal or not in this area, I always see growth and I am thankful for this. Now this year, I plan to push myself on another level spiritually. I plan on praying more precisely and frequently like never before. I'm starting off with a mega fast, pray for your girl!
  4. Prepare to be the one who you're looking for is looking for~ I hesitated on putting this one out there because I've become super private about this area of my life, but I need to be transparent on this blog. So yes, I'm in my 20's and thoughts of marriage do cross my mind. Instead of being fearful or cynical of its existence, I've made up my mind to become more intentional in this area. Instead of looking for "the one" I desire to be the one I am looking for. This year I hope to prayerfully address my past and tackle my purpose so when the season comes I'll be ready.
  5.  Healthy Me~ ah yes, the beloved fitness/ health goal. Every year I say I'll lose 20 lbs, but can I be real with y'all? Every time I go out to lose a certain number of pounds I end up gaining or not moving at all. So this year, I'm leaving the scale alone and focusing on listening to my body. As women, our bodies are constantly changing. 5 years ago I didn't have the shape I have now and I even gained weight in different areas than I do now. So I need to be more realistic and take better care of my overall health. Which also leads me to my main issue: caffeine. Ugh. And I really mean coffee. My coffee addiction took a turn for the crazy last year and I must admit that I've grown dependent--trust me when I say that I've had to nurse one too many headaches this week alone. 

And of of course all of these goals will be dutifully noted in this blog as I hope to document much more this coming year. I'll be sure to share with you all of the highs, lows and destinations 2016 will bring my way. Until then, let's get sweet '16 started shall we? 

Prescription glasses-Firmoo, Dress-Asos, Tassle necklace-Dillards, Scarf-Forever 21

Prescription glasses-Firmoo, Dress-Asos, Tassle necklace-Dillards, Scarf-Forever 21

Grace, Peace & Happy New Year!